Osaka Asian Restaurant in East Lyme, CT 06333


Food was good, but we had the absolute worst server! When we left we asked her name, May or something. I\'ve never seen a server that lazy before. She was more interested in talking to the guy working at the sushi bar, than waiting on tables. We could never get her attention. It looked as though the other servers were working so much harder around her and trying to make up for her lack of work. When we finally got our check, she gave us the wrong bill, and then it took forever to get her attention again. Despite this, the food was very good!
Patricia Lang
We had an excellent meal. There are so many choices, both for people who love raw fish and people who don\'t. I would like to know, however, where your caviar comes from. Not Russia, I hope.
We had a wonderful dinner.  So much fun, our chef was great and the food was excellent.
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