Osaka Asian Restaurant in East Lyme, CT 06333


Irene Angel
Loved it! Please send promo coupons and updates.
phillip shroyer
would like to receive the updates and coupons
Jim Titus
I can tell you that I was not at all happy with my visit last night.  First of all you did not show the cost of all the specials on the board.  The unadvertised products were to expensive (remember you called me for the specials).  You tried to up-sell your products to me (lack of respect!).  You placed dishes for other customers in front of us forcing the servers to reach across and in front of me (lack of respect!).  After last nights experience I don\'t plan to return.  I am very disappointed with restaurant performance. 
Daniel Tricarico
Would like to receive promo updates & coupons 
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