Osaka Asian Restaurant in East Lyme, CT 06333


Tia Heilig
I come here just about every other Tuesday night for the half-off sushi roll special. It's a wonderful opportunity to try new rolls, and I have yet to be disappointed with a single one. The only thing that annoys me a bit is that the dessert menu isn't immediately available with the rest of the menu; however, our servers have always been prompt with delivering the dessert menu to the table upon request. Your servers are also very informative when it comes to telling us about what's available at the bar - my server this past week was able to identify each ingredient in the Scorpion Bowl drink from memory! I've always enjoyed my time at this restaurant, and I look forward to more wonderful visits!
Ordered my food 1.5 hr ahead of time, I know they are busy Tuesday's but you have the most idiotic people working for you. Please learn and Teach your workers to welcome and acknowledge customers and don't be cheap with the soy sauce, will never come back ever my order was 60$ by the way lost me as a costumer
I go one time. When I go home   I got sick  the food no good 
No good  the food no fresh
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