Osaka Asian Restaurant in East Lyme, CT 06333


I ordered the tofu because I saw some great reviews and some not-so-great reviews. I would not recommend it at all, that night I spent over 3 hours in the restroom and couldn't stand up without letting out a cry of pain. Never again, awful experience.
BIg fatty
I pooped myself from the fish it came out the same it looked before it went in my stomach.
Drove the half hour to treat ourselves to a pricy Osaka meal last night.  My husband ordered the seafood teriyaki, which left him unwell with later bouts of diarrhea.  My tofu dinner box had large & small pieces of wrapper underneath the tofu in the sauce. Awful. My veg. tempura was greasy with hard asparagus, sweet potato, etc.  Not at all enjoyable.  -And when did Asian restaurants begin charging for tea on the side?  Never again!
Ellen Clas
Poke salad to go. Less than 2 ounces of fish. Pathetic.
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